RESIDENT Services Descriptions

We know the combination of safe, affordable housing and resident-driven programs and resources is key to the advancement and lifelong success of our residents. Whatever their dreams and goals, residents of all ages benefit from the services provided by us, our community partners and volunteers.

Aaron and Thana Buaghman, along with their mother Anjahi Buaghman take time out to eat lunch at Rocky Mountain Communities in Denver, CO.

Our Resident Services is what sets us apart! 

We work with community partners to provide programs and services onsite that address the social determinants of health because we believe that everyone should have access to a quality home that is promotes health, wellness and economic opportunities. 

Our Resident Services range from education to health and wellness programs to community-building activities. All programs and services are provided free of charge and on-site for all residents. Adult and whole-family programs include the following, among others:


  • Mobile dental clinics
  • Technology learning classes
  • Onsite food pantries and food box deliveries
  • Resident councils
  • Free tablet and laptop program
  • Fitness classes
  • Healthy cooking classes
  • Senior programs
  • Youth programs like Tai Chi for Peace, lyrical expression, mentorship programs and arts & crafts
  • Community cohesion events like workshops to support job readiness skills, holiday markets and civic engagement


Resident Services provides holistic programs and services to underserved populations across Colorado. Our services are focused on building resilience skills to address the social determinants of health in a trauma-informed approach that meets residents where they are at to make the greatest impact for them and their families. Resident Services was in a rebuilding phase from 2022-2023 and made great progress to help families thrive. The focus of our 2022-2023 year was building trusting relationships with residents, building community cohesion and integrating a resident centric approach to all aspects of operation that place residents at the center, and elevating their voice to include their feedback into the design and delivery of programs and services. While we focused on fundraising to support programs and service delivery, we also provided stabilizing services to help families. Please take a look at the 2023 Resident Services Impact Report highlights