Resident Stories

Our residents are at the heart of everything we do. Meet some of the incredible people who make our communities strong.

Maria Elena  – Townview

Maria Elena is from Chihuahua, Mexico and she moved to the United States twenty-two years ago. Maria Elena works in the kitchen at Denver Public Schools (DPS). Working for DPS has given Maria Elena the flexibility to have the summer off to babysit her four-year old granddaughter, Jaylene. “The food pantry has been a blessing, especially during the summer because my granddaughter Jaylene spends her summer days with me and I have been able to provide good meals for her without cutting back on some of her favorite snacks.”

Seven years ago, Maria Elena moved to one of Rocky Mountain Communities, Townview. Previously, she was living at a building close to Townview but after her divorce, Maria Elena couldn’t continue to afford her market rate apartment and had to look for an alternative. She had the uncertainty that she could find a safe place to call home.

Maria Elena has found her safe home at Townview and enjoys being part of the community. Now she can focus her energy in working, volunteering and babysitting her granddaughter.  

Juana Ramirez -Townview

Juana  – Townview

Juana Ramirez has been living at Townview, one of Rocky Mountain Communities in Denver. Juana moved to the United States twenty-four years ago from Zacatecas, Mexico. Juana has three daughters, Norma, Lupe and Mike that also live in Colorado but none of them live nearby.

Juana’s greatest joy in life are her six grandkids ranging from five to twenty-four years old. She wishes she could see them more often but sometimes the distance can be challenging. Living on her own sometimes is difficult for Juana because she barely makes ends meet.

Juana has been a full time employee at one of the ARC Thrift Stores in Denver for the past seventeen years. Even though she has been a faithful employee for many years, her salary increase hasn’t been able to keep up with the housing market in Colorado. Juana describes living at Townview as “a safe, stable and dignified place that feels like a real community where I belong.” Resident Services available to RMC residents like the food pantry at Townview, are key for some residents like Juana because otherwise they would have to cut back on other necessities.

Juana can not only afford rent but also enjoys living at a well-kept community like any other market rate apartments that she has researched in the area.

Antoinette – Townview

Antoinette is a single mom that lives with her two sons, eight-year old Sebastian and four-year old Amos. Antoinette moved from Pueblo four years ago looking for better opportunities for her family. When Antoinette first arrived to Denver, she lived for a while in her brother’s basement until she found an apartment she could afford but she felt unsafe and she was determined to find a better home to raise her kids, ideally in a community where her boys could feel safe to go out to the playground.

After moving to an RMC property, Townview in Denver, she felt this would put her family on the right path to accomplish her life goals. As a resident at Townview, Antoinette has access to the food pantry allowing her to provide good snacks and meals for her kids, especially during the summer when her kids are not in school and they don’t have access to the lunch program offered throughout the school year.

Antoinette’s priority is to provide a good environment for her kids and raise good citizens. Antoinette has a part time job as a hairstylist and cleaning homes. “RMC has provided me the opportunity to become self-sufficient and break from unhealthy relationships. I can focus on what’s best for my family and don’t have to stay involved in unhealthy relationships just to afford a roof over our heads.”

Antoinette has set clear long-term goals for her and her family. Since she is able to afford rent and make her payments, she wants to start improving her credit score and saving for a down payment to buy a house.  “I would like to be able to purchase my own home in the future and RMC has been critical in this process.”