Resident Stories

Our residents are at the heart of everything we do. Meet some of the incredible people who make our communities strong.

Natasha  – Mountain Terrace

Natasha is a delightful, energetic and friendly seven year old resident at Rocky Mountain Communities who participates in the youth programs. She enjoys the one-on-one and small group homework help during the snack program, as she often needs to adapt her learning style to work with her learning disabilities. But, as soon as homework is done, she loves getting the chance to work alongside the other students in the afterschool program.

While on the younger side of the preschool age group, Natasha’s sister, Katrina, has participated in RISE preschool. Katrina is more comfortable in class, and no longer experiences separation anxiety. She is already starting to associate letters, numbers and colors with items around her house and things she sees throughout the day.

Natasha and Katrina’s mom, Dana, appreciates the social and academic support both of her daughters receive through our programs. As a mother on a fixed income, she loves that RMC plans free events throughout the month for adults as well as families. “This is unlike any other apartment – we love the youth programs, there’s always something fun going on, and we feel like part of a community.”

Renee – Mountain Terrace

Like other RMC residents, Renee is grateful that she can call Mountain Terrace home for the past few years. At a very young age, Renee was hit by a car and had brain damage, developing a neurological condition. At one point, they thought Renee wasn’t going to be able to walk again, but she was able to regain most of her mobility. However, Renee can’t work full time. Renee works as a cashier at Sweet Tomatoes and her husband, Anthony, works for Kruger warehouse. Without affordable housing rates, Renee and her family wouldn’t be able to afford a place to live.

Renee and Anthony have two daughters, and as their girls, Jalanie and Jeresse, were growing up, they participated in the youth program services at the community. Renee recalls how important it has been for her family to have the after school program available for the children, otherwise she thought they could have made bad decisions.

Currently, Renee and Anthony rely on the food pantry services to make ends meet and they are extremely grateful for the people and the support that this community has offered.

Antoinette – Townview

Antoinette is a single mom that lives with her two sons, eight-year old Sebastian and four-year old Amos. Antoinette moved from Pueblo four years ago looking for better opportunities for her family. When Antoinette first arrived to Denver, she lived for a while in her brother’s basement until she found an apartment she could afford but she felt unsafe and she was determined to find a better home to raise her kids, ideally in a community where her boys could feel safe to go out to the playground.

After moving to an RMC property, Townview in Denver, she felt this would put her family on the right path to accomplish her life goals. As a resident at Townview, Antoinette has access to the food pantry allowing her to provide good snacks and meals for her kids, especially during the summer when her kids are not in school and they don’t have access to the lunch program offered throughout the school year.

Antoinette’s priority is to provide a good environment for her kids and raise good citizens. Antoinette has a part time job as a hairstylist and cleaning homes. “RMC has provided me the opportunity to become self-sufficient and break from unhealthy relationships. I can focus on what’s best for my family and don’t have to stay involved in unhealthy relationships just to afford a roof over our heads.”

Antoinette has set clear long-term goals for her and her family. Since she is able to afford rent and make her payments, she wants to start improving her credit score and saving for a down payment to buy a house.  “I would like to be able to purchase my own home in the future and RMC has been critical in this process.”