OUR Green Philosophy

Rocky Mountain Communities is committed to operating our properties as sustainably as possible. We recognize that sustainability is of essential importance to our organization, our residents, and the environment. A detailed explanation of our philosophy regarding sustainability is below:

Energy and Water Efficiency:

Through smart building and management techniques, we can reduce the energy and water consumption of our properties. This benefits our residents through lower utility bills and allows our organization to reinvest those savings into resident programs. We have worked with Energy Outreach Colorado, Denver Water, and other local organizations to perform energy and water efficiency upgrades throughout our portfolio.

Indoor Air Quality:

The importance of building air quality cannot be understated, which is why RMC has developed stringent air quality standards for our properties. We use low VOC products throughout our portfolio and utilize maintenance practices that improve occupant health.

New Construction:

For any new construction project, Rocky Mountain Communities incorporates green building techniques as an integral part of the project. We utilize Enterprise Green Communities criteria to ensure that our housing meets the highest green building standards.

Office Operations:

Our organization wide sustainability goals extend to how we operate our offices. We have adopted a comprehensive set of policies to minimize the environmental impact of our organization at every level.

Ultimately, while Rocky Mountain Communities can provide energy efficient housing, it’s the people in those homes who will ultimately build communities where residents value the land upon which they live. By constructing and rehabbing homes that showcase good environmental stewardship; and by supporting resident green education, Rocky Mountain Communities passes along the vital tools residents need to create their own enlightened, sustainable communities. For tips on how to green your home and community, click here.