Partners In Development

Rocky Mountain Communities, our partners and collaborators share a common vision: investing in a vibrant community by providing housing solutions that create brighter futures at home.

Creating solutions for affordable housing is a big task. That’s why Rocky Mountain Communities is honored to partner with so many other leaders in the field. We believe that when we work together, we can be more successful in providing affordable housing solutions to those who most need them.

Arroyo Village is one of our favorite examples of how collaboration makes affordable housing dreams come true – check out the story below. Looking to the future, it’s our goal to forge more partnerships like the ones involved in Arroyo Village – and we hope you’ll join us.

Whether you are a developer, builder, financier, nonprofit or a maverick with a great, innovative idea – we’d love to talk. Together, we can move the needle on affordable housing.

Arroyo Village Success Story

In 2016, Rocky Mountain Communities teamed up with partners and friends at The Delores Project to develop a new affordable housing community called Arroyo Village. This innovative partnership – and the resulting community on highly-coveted real estate along the light rail in Denver – represents the best of what’s possible when partners join hands to address the housing crisis together.

Rocky Mountain Communities and The Delores Project both owned aging buildings on the site, and began conversations about partnering in 2016. The resulting campus – covering about 2 acres bounded by 13th Avenue, Knox Court, King Street and the Knox Station light rail stop – is set to fully open in 2019. The complex features 130 units designed to help combat homelessness within the City of Denver while providing affordable housing in a community with ever increasing rents. Of the 130 units, 95 will provide one, two and three bedroom family housing; 35 apartments will be permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless individuals; and The Delores Project will operate a new 60-bed shelter facility for women and transgendered individuals.

This project and the housing solutions it is affording prove a powerful example of this community’s commitment to prioritizing affordable housing. And we believe it’s just the tip of what we can do when we work together. Interested in learning more about partnering in development with Rocky Mountain Communities? We’d love to talk!